What Is Hosted Checkout? How Does It Work?

With a hosted checkout page like CCPayment, the entire checkout process is created and maintained in a secure environment, saving your business the enormous expense and effort of creating and managing your payment gateway.

What Is Hosted Checkout? How Does It Work?

As an online retailer or e-commerce merchant, the major business driver is the convenience your customers get when they shop with you. The convenience comes from the entirety of the shopping experience: searching for the goods they want, browsing through a couple of options, selecting the one they prefer, paying for it, and waiting for their delivery.

However great the shopping experience might be, if they get to the final port of call and payment becomes an issue, their experience quickly turns sour. Therefore, to guarantee an almost perfect consumer experience, utilizing hosted checkout pages is the surest way to do that.

This comes with many advantages for you and your clients, and although many online retailers want this experience, they need to learn what a hosted checkout page is and how it works. This article will cover everything you need to know about hosted checkout pages and what makes them a great fit for your business.

What Is Hosted Checkout?

Hosted checkout is a secure interface that allows businesses to accept online payments. The hosted checkout page is managed by a third-party company that charges a nominal fee for data security and payment processing services.

When your client or customer wishes to make a purchase, they are sent to this web page where they can input their card details. This contrasts with a self-hosted payment page, where your clients remain on your business website during the checkout process.

As your company is not directly responsible for monitoring the card transactions or keeping the payment information, you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

They accept various payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, cryptocurrency wallets, etc. Furthermore, most hosted checkout pages may be configured to accept store-issued gift cards, promotional coupons, and rewards points.

How Hosted Checkout Works

A hosted checkout page operates in a fairly straightforward manner. When your consumer concludes their shopping, they click the Buy Now or Pay Now button and proceed to the hosted checkout to complete the transaction. This redirects them from your online store to your designated hosted checkout page.

Your customers enter their payment information, which is sent to the card issuer for authorization. When the payment is accepted, it is redirected back to complete the process, which could include shipping details and address, providing a confirmation code, initiating an email receipt, if you include that, and when all of that is done, your customer gets a notification that the payment process has been finalized. They are subsequently directed back to your website.

This way, the customer’s payment information is not logged on your store but entirely with the payment provider, and this also means the hosted checkout page takes care of the transactions from start to finish.

Benefits of Hosted Checkout


Security is a big concern for organizations and customers that do online transactions. When you choose a self-hosted payment solution for your website, you take on the responsibility of handling, transferring, and securing sensitive data. However, with hosted checkout, you outsource data security to professionals. In an unusual hacking or fraud case, you are not liable as a company.

Hosted checkouts with trusted systems like CCPayment assist in screening out possible fraudulent actors while maintaining consumer data security requirements. You may also tailor the level of protection on your payment pages using the hosted checkout, such as by adding authentication requirements for high-risk purchases.

Easy Set-up

Hosted checkout is one of the fastest ways to begin receiving online payments. It is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses because the setup requires little to no technical knowledge and is very easy to set up.

Simple Checkout Process

Simplifying your checkout process is always helpful, and without one, you may notice high abandonment rates from disgruntled shoppers. However, with hosted checkout, this problem would be easily resolved.

Furthermore, hosted checkout is required for any merchant or business that intends to accept alternative payment methods, such as digital currencies.

Choosing The Perfect Payment Platform to Host Checkout

It is essential to remember that payment service providers vary, so be thorough when investigating different providers and opt for one that provides the payment interfaces your merchant system requires. There are a couple of pointers that will help in the selection process.

The most effective hosted checkout pages feature a reasonably simple setup process. It should not take long or require much work. Many clients may prefer digital wallets; if your online retail store does not allow them, they may cancel orders.

Finally, as cross-border e-commerce grows in popularity, many retailers are looking at international payment options. If you intend to expand internationally, provide your foreign consumers with the option of paying in their local currency. Choose a hosted checkout page that supports cryptocurrencies.

With CCPayment, you can find all of the reasons stated above and more, as it offers a wide range of services for e-commerce merchants, especially those looking to tap into the crypto space and include digital currencies as a payment option.

Why CCPayment Is A Perfect Fit

CCPayment is a cutting-edge payment platform that leverages cryptocurrencies to rethink payment processing by delivering a smooth, secure, and highly efficient transaction experience. It distinguishes itself by matching the expectations of today's digital world, making it an essential component of your online store.

With easy API integration and industry-low 0.03% transaction costs, CCPayment simplifies the process of integrating a Bitcoin payment button into your checkout page. With thorough instructions and developer-friendly tools, you can easily integrate CCPayment's capabilities into your platform, offering a pleasant experience for your clients to pay with cryptocurrency.

Final Takeaways

With a hosted checkout page like CCPayment, the entire checkout process is created and maintained in a secure environment, saving your business the enormous expense and effort of creating and managing your payment gateway.

If you are an e-commerce merchant and you have not started accepting crypto payments on your store, don't waste any second; sign up on CCPayment immediately and accept crypto payments with optimal ease, security, and simplicity!