Top Retail Companies That Accept USDT As Payment For Online Shopping

Accepting stablecoin payments on your website with USDT can prove to be immeasurably valuable for retail businesses as more consumers become increasingly aware of cryptocurrency.

Top Retail Companies That Accept USDT As Payment For Online Shopping

Retail companies are now realizing how important it is to integrate USDT payments into their platforms. This shift reflects a broader trend within the retail industry towards embracing digital currencies as a viable alternative to traditional payment methods.

As a stablecoin, USDT's value is maintained amid the regular volatility that is frequently experienced with other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. It is pegged to the value of the US dollar, and is exchangeable for the US dollar in a 1:1 ratio. USDT now plays a bigger part in online transactions by providing consumers with a dependable means of transferring money across borders and completing purchases.

In this article, we'll examine the top retail companies that have embraced USDT payments, exploring the reasons behind their decision and the benefits it offers to both businesses and consumers.

Why Should Retailers Use USDT for Online Shopping?

Tether USD, or USDT, is by far the most popular stablecoin, with a market capitalization of over $70 billion, making it one of the most trusted and used cryptocurrencies.

USDT offers unique benefits for online purchases for e-commerce retailers, some of which include:

Broadened Customer Base

By accepting USDT as a form of payment, retailers can reach a wider range of customers, including cryptocurrency enthusiasts and those looking for alternative payment options.

With cryptocurrencies becoming more and more popular, especially with tech-savvy customers and overseas shoppers, accepting USDT payments can draw in new clients who value the security and simplicity of digital currencies. Additionally, merchants may set themselves apart from rivals and project an image of being progressive companies that value customer happiness and innovation by catering to the needs of cryptocurrency consumers.

Low Transaction Fees

The fact that cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins like USDT, have far lower transaction costs than other payment options makes them grossly beneficial for online shopping.

Merchants frequently pay significant costs when accepting credit cards or using third-party payment processors, which reduces their profit margins. The low fees associated with USDT transactions, however, enable retailers to either reinvest the savings back into their company operations or pass the savings on to their customers.

Global Accessibility

With its unmatched global accessibility, USDT allows customers to shop from anywhere in the world without being constrained by location or having to pay extra for currency conversion.

This degree of accessibility is especially advantageous for merchants trying to reach out to customers outside of typical geographic areas. Businesses can more successfully serve foreign consumers, open up new markets, and diversify their revenue sources by taking USDT payments. Furthermore, the stability of USDT in comparison to fiat currencies offers a dependable means of exchange, reducing the risks related to exchange rate swings and geopolitical unpredictabilities.

Top Retail Companies That Accept USDT As Payment For Online Shopping

1.  Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines got its name from using cryptocurrencies as its main payment method, which is an unusual strategy. On its official website, it states that the platform accepts more than 100 different cryptocurrencies, including Tether (USDT), for the purpose of ticket purchases worldwide.

Alternative Airlines distinguishes itself even further by providing customers with additional ways to obtain more flexible flight alternatives. Reputably serving more than 65,000 happy clients and collaborating with 600 airlines globally, the platform becomes the go-to option for travelers looking for flexibility. At the moment, it is a reliable platform that handles USDT transactions with ease, providing customers with a hassle-free experience.

2. Time Magazine

Time Magazine stands out as a prominent subscription-based publication globally. Established in 1923, it boasts a subscriber base exceeding 20 million, drawn to its authoritative coverage spanning current events, health, science, politics, business, technology, and beyond.

In response to the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrency payments worldwide, Time Magazine strategically partnered with, a leading cryptocurrency exchange. Through this collaboration, the publication extended the option for users to settle their subscriptions using USDT and various other cryptocurrencies.

3. Crypto Emporium

Established as a premier marketplace for crypto users, Crypto Emporium provides access to an extensive selection of high-quality goods, including luxury items, electronics, real estate, and more, all purchasable using various cryptocurrencies.

Success stories abound among Crypto Emporium's clientele, with users sharing their experiences of acquiring luxury items, investment-grade assets, and everyday essentials using USDT. From purchasing a luxury watch or a piece of art to investing in real estate or acquiring the latest tech gadgets, customers attest to the convenience, security, and reliability of USDT payments facilitated by Crypto Emporium.

How CCPayment Facilitates USDT Payments

CCPayment is a crypto payment gateway that facilitates the acceptance and processing of cryptocurrency payments, including stablecoins like USDT, for eCommerce businesses and merchants.

CCPayment operates as a one-stop middleman, facilitating secure cryptocurrency exchange between buyers and sellers. With a single crypto payment checkout page, crypto payment gateways allow you to accept multiple cryptocurrencies easily.

When integrated with your website, CCPayment automatically converts the local prices to their US dollar (USDT) equivalent, provides payment information, verifies the payment, notifies you (the merchant), and provides top-notch security as well as accounting features to manage your business.

With a simple and intuitive approach, CCPayment simplifies the integration of cryptocurrency payments, including stablecoins like USDT, into businesses' existing platforms. Retailers who work with CCPayment have access to an extensive array of services and solutions that expedite the integration process.

CCPayment’s unique appeal is the ability to integrate a new payment method into your existing checkout page without writing a single line of code.

Regardless of whether you are using e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or in-house solutions, you can now begin accepting USDT payments without requiring a lot of development resources or technical knowledge.

All you need to do is integrate your personalized CCPayment’s Payment API into your checkout page, so that when customers click on an option to “pay with crypto,” they will be redirected to your CCPayment API deposit page, which will process the transaction for you and credit your CCPayment account.

Additionally, the infrastructure from CCPayment is built to handle large volumes of USDT transactions, allowing you to process payments promptly and consistently— even during periods of high demand.

Similarly, CCPayment provides your customers with a checkout process that allows them to swiftly and safely conduct USDT transactions. Your customers can enjoy a seamless crypto payment experience thanks to the integration into the store's current checkout processes.

How To Accept USDT On Your E-Commerce Website

Accepting stablecoin payments on your website with USDT can prove to be immeasurably valuable for retail businesses as more consumers become increasingly aware of cryptocurrency.

To get started, simply follow the steps

  • Create Account: Create an instant account with CCPayment and log in with your new details.
  • Configure Payment API: After logging in, you will be automatically redirected to your dashboard. From the left panel menu, select “Payment API,” and then follow the steps prompted.
  • Set up Merchant Preferences: Return to the left panel menu, select “Merchant Settings,” and follow the steps on the screen.
Accept USDT on Your E-Commerce Website with CCPayment

Beyond USDT, you can also accept other stablecoins like BUSD, USDC, and DAI, all of which have their values pegged to the U.S. dollar, making it possible for them to escape volatility hassles.

All of these can be completed in a breeze, and in a minute, you’ll be ready to withdraw and spend your USDT revenue from your e-commerce website.

End Note

USDT, other stablecoins, as well as regular cryptocurrencies, offer several benefits for e-commerce businesses by facilitating cheaper, faster, and more secure transactions.

More importantly, accepting USDT allows you to accept crypto payments on your e-commerce website without the fear of volatility, as is typical with regular cryptocurrencies.

The decision to adopt crypto payments is a positive one that properly positions your business as forward-thinking; so, consider adopting USDT and choosing CCPayment as your preferred crypto payment gateway to enjoy optimal speed, security, and the cheapest possible service charges.

Don’t delay; get started with CCPayment today!