Verify your site ownership with HTML tag

Verify your ownership of a site by adding a tag to the HTML of a specified page. We'll verify that the meta tag exists on that page. This tag is tied to a specific merchant. We will periodically check for the presence of this tag.


  • The site homepage must be available to non-logged-in users.

  • You must be able to edit the HTML source code of the site's homepage directly. Specifically, you must be able to insert a tag into the tag on your homepage.


  1. To verify ownership using an HTML tag: Copy the tag into the section in the HTML of your site's non-logged-in home page. Example:

      <title> homepage</title>
      <meta name="ccpayment-site-verification" content="......." />
  2. Save your page.

This tag is unique to you; it cannot be used to identify anyone else, and is associated with your CCPayment account.

Confirm that the tag is present in your live page by visiting the page and looking for the tag in the page source code. (Press Control + F then search for "ccpayment-site-verification" in the page source to find the tag.)

Complete verification by clicking Verify in the verification details page.

If verification fails, see Potential errors below to troubleshoot the issue.


Meta tag not found/in the wrong location. The verification meta tag must be within the section of the page. If you see these errors, check the following:

  • Is the meta tag on the correct page? We look for it in the rendered source of your site's home page.

  • Is the meta tag in the correct place on the page? We look for it in the page's section. An example of correct placement is shown here:

        <title> homepage</title>
        <meta name="ccpayment-site-verification" content="......." />

If you're using a web editor or a WYSIWYG editor to edit your page, make sure you're editing the HTML of the live page, not just the local copy on your computer. (Note that you shouldn't see the tag in your browser when you're visiting this page; you will only see it when looking at the HTML that generates the page.)


  • Incorrect tag errors: Be sure to use the exact tag, code snippet, or file provided to you when beginning verification.

  • Server Connection Timeout: Ensure your server is running and responding promptly. Timeouts may occur if the server is closed or heavily occupied, resulting in slow response. Please confirm the server is functioning properly, and then try it again.

  • Too Many Redirects: Check the URL for potential issues like infinite loops.Invalid Server Response: This issue may occur if your website requires password authentication or is inaccessible due to other reasons.

  • Unable to Connect to Your Server: First, please ensure that your server is running and the domain name resolution is correct. If you still cannot connect to the server, please add the CCPayment request IP addresses: and to the whitelist of your server.

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