Verify your site ownership with HTML file

To verify website ownership, upload the HTML file associated with the merchant to the specified location on your website.

We will regularly check if the designated HTML file exists. Removing this verification file from your website will result in the loss of validation for that website.


  • The directory for uploading the HTML file must be accessible to non-logged-in users.

  • You should be able to upload the file to the root directory of your website, where web browsers can access the file.


  1. Download the verification file.

  2. Upload the verification file to the root directory of your website. The location of the uploaded file will be:<merchant_verification_file>.

The file is unique to you; it cannot be used to identify the identity of anyone else and is associated with your CCPayment account.

Click "Verify" on the verification details page to complete the verification process.

If the verification fails, refer to the potential errors below to troubleshoot the issue.


File Not Found/Location Error: The validation file must be in the website's root directory. Ensure the file is uploaded to the correct location.

Incorrect File Content: Use the file provided by CCPayment, ensuring the filename, extension, and content are unchanged.

Server Connection Timeout: Ensure your server is running and responding promptly. Timeout may occur if the server is closed or busy with slow response. Confirm the server is working, then retry.

Too Many Redirects: Check the URL for potential issues like infinite loops.

Invalid Server Response: If your website requires password authentication or is inaccessible for other reasons, this issue may occur.

Unable to Connect to Your Server: First, please ensure that your server is running and the domain name resolution is correct. If you still cannot connect to the server, please add the CCPayment request IP addresses: and to the whitelist of your server.

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