What is token aggregation fee?

CCPayment manages a large number of wallet addresses, where merchants and their users transfer assets to these addresses. When gas fees are low, CCPayment will aggregate scattered assets from these addresses to the merchants’ hot wallet addresses with CCPayment. This is done to facilitate quick withdrawals for merchants and their users.

The network fee incurred during this process is referred to as the asset aggregation fee.

The system will immediately deduct the corresponding aggregation fee from the merchant’s account when aggregating assets. To protect merchants from the fluctuations of crypto market, CCPayment will charge USDT equivalent to the network fee as the aggregation fee. You can view your aggregation fee in the “transaction” tab on the dashboard.

To ensure smooth withdrawals, if your USDT balance is insufficient, CCPayment will swap your other tokens into the equivalent amount of USDT and deduct the aggregation fee from it. We recommend keeping a certain amount of USDT in your merchant account to reduce the cost associated with additional token swaps.

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