What is auto-swap for deposit?

The auto-swap feature allows you to automatically convert various mainstream tokens received on this platform into stablecoins, reducing the risk of token price fluctuations.

Once auto-swap for deposit is enabled, CCPayment will auto-swap the tokens listed in the token list of auto-swap into the specified stablecoin and deposit them into your merchant account.

  • Service fee: approximately up to 3% fee will be applied. Contact us to have the final offer for your business.

  • We support over 30 mainstream tokens for auto-swap and will continue to add more tokens to the list.

  • Applicable scope: Deposit auto-swap applies to API Deposits, Invoice Deposits, and Direct Deposits payment channels.

We will evaluate the auto-swap token list and notify you in advance of any token adjustments.

Tokens removed from the token list of auto-swap will still be deposited into your CCPayment account but will not be auto-swapped. You can promptly inform users to stop depositing that particular token.

In case of significant market volatility, some tokens may not be able to complete auto-swap.

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