What is a referral program?

The referral program is that you invite merchants to register and use CCPayment via your unique and exclusive referral link. You can get commissions if your referral program is successful.

How do you develop a referral program?

1. Obtain referral link: obtain your exclusive referral link on the referral page.

2. The referral materials: Download referral banners with various sizes, payment process demonstrations and other referral pictures and videos in the material center.

3. Share referral links: You can share referral links with potential merchants or post CCPayment tutorials, referral advantages, successful cases, etc., on social platforms.

Check commission: View the commission details on the dashboard once the invite success.

Commission settlement: We will settle the last month’s commission for you on the 1st of each month.

Withdraw Commission: The commission settled can be withdrawn without any fees at any time.

Note: Withdrawal to CCPayment merchant account or Cwallet wallet can be credited immediately with one click.After successfully referring merchants through sharing links, you can earn long-term benefits. CCPayment referring plan helps you boom up the customer base and increase income!

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