CCPayment ETH Testnet Tutorial

What is TestNet

ETH Testnet is an individual environment used for the development and test based on ETH. You can get the free testnet Sepolia ETH used to transfer. It's dev-friendly, the developer can make transactions anywhere without any fees.

Why TestNet

  • Free to get the testnet Sepolia ETH used for development and test.

  • Testnet is independent from the mainnet, the test assets are only used for test purposes. It's not actual assets.

  • Reduce the potential risk of mainnet assets loss.

  • Avoid the impact of the Mainnet function.

How to integrate CCPayment ETH-Testnet: Sepolia Testnet

  1. Register CCPayment account and enable Sepolia Testnet on the Merchant Settings page.

  2. Sepolia Testnet Explorer:<txid>

  3. Close Sepolia Testnet when test processing is done on the developer page.


  1. The test Sepolia ETH has not exact value, only for test use.

  2. Reasonably use testnet, avoid malicious behavior.

  3. Calling the testnet API doesn't result in any actual transactions, please contact support if you have any questions or issues.

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