Webhook Notification Tutorial

CCPayment will notify your webhook URL of the transaction details of configured token you set on the merchant settings in real-time.

  1. Notification trigger: The CCPayment will notify the transaction's final status to the merchant by default. if you want to be notified when the transaction was detected or was sent to the blockchain, you can adjust the notification setting on the below page to suit your needs.

  1. You can set the configure Webhook URL on the Developer setting page to receive the notification. And part of the interface supports separate configuration via incoming parameters: Notification URL

  1. Once the merchant has processed the order, please return {http code: 200} and include a “success” string in the HTTP response body.



Note: Different types of transactions have different notification content, and you can distinguish the transaction types according to the type of webhook notification order. (Please check the webhook notification of all types of transactions)

  1. If CCPayment does not receive “success” as a response from the merchant, CCPayment will keep pushing the notification up to 7 times. Any response other than “success” will be regarded as a failure, and CCPayment will keep sending the notification.

  2. Notification log: you can view the sent notifications on the webhook log page. You can click "Resend" or "Batch Resend" to push the notification again also.

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