API Deposit Webhook Notification

Notification will be posted when the orders from Get Checkout URL, Create Payment Order interface is completed.

Webhook notification

There are three transaction statuses in the webhook notification under the field name “pay_status”. CCPayment will credit assets if the pay_status is “success”, which is the one and only status you should consider as the confirmation of the transaction. The other two pay_status, “pending” and “processing”, can not be regarded as the confirmation of the transaction.

Once the merchant has processed the order, please return {http code: 200} and include a “success” string in the HTTP response body.

If CCPayment does not receive “success” as a response from the merchant, CCPayment will keep pushing the notification up to 6 times. Any response other than “success” will be regarded as a failure, and CCPayment will keep sending the notification.



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