CCPayment fees

Deposit/Receive CCPayment only charges the 0.3% fixed service fee from the deposit; this service fee rate is the lowest in the current market you can search.

API Called All interfaces called in free and no times limitation

SDK Integrate 5 languages SDK installation package for free integration.

Free Address CCPayment provides free permanent addresses for merchants. And the assigned address is available for the users in the long term.

Swap CCPayment provides free swapping assets for merchants.

Deposit Auto-swap For merchants who want to accept multi-token payments but only want to receive and save payment as a specific token. The auto swap is convenient and only charges swapping tokens 3% as conversion partner fee.

Withdraw/ Send When the merchant/ user withdraws, CCPayment has only deducted the network fee needed of the blockchain and includes the collect token basic fee. So, please notice the assets flow trend on CCPayment.

Merchants and users will deposit to the different addresses provided by CCPayment. CCPayment will collect assets to merchant withdrawal account from different address accord the collection token strategy. (Intelligent liquidity optimization strategy provided by CCPayment AI)

  • The network fee is unavoidable when assets are saved and collected.

  • CCPayment will convert your aggregation fees into equivalent USDT and manage them centrally, the total aggregation fees can be seen from your Balance tab in the Dashboard.

  • Aggregation fees will be deducted from your USDT while withdrawing, if it is not enough, CCPayment will automatically convert your other tokens into equivalent USDT and deduct to ensure successful withdrawals.

  • Merchants should retain a certain amount of USDT to reduce costs due to additional conversion costs.

CCPayment has continually optimised the collection strategy, one side of keeping fluent withdrawal and another to save the network fee cost. You can follow these experiences and rules to reduce accumulated network fees, also, we suggest you can lead and guide user's deposit type.

Decrease the deposit times of amounts lower than 5 USDT. The single deposit amount is higher, the accumulated cost is lower.

Auto-withdrawal After receiving the specified token, CCPayment will auto-withdraw it to your designated receiving address, with only a 0.5% fee charged.

Invoice Email CCPayment provides free invoice email notifications, assisting merchants in making professional finance management. You can set the scheduled auto-sending on single invoice and cycle invoice, that helpful in your business subscription, transfer continuously, etc. Efficiently manage relationships with customers.

Please feel free to touch us for any problems or issues.

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