CCPayment API Introduction

CCPayment is the cryptocurrency payment technology, enables merchants to pay and receive payment in cryptocurrency worldwide. Whether your customers use CCPayment or not, we create a contactless, seamless and secure checkout experience. Make crypto payments to anyone and collect crypto payments with ease.

CCPayment Integration

Hosted Checkout Page IntegrationNative Checkout IntegrationWithdrawal API Integration

CCPayment Interface

Token ID InterfaceNetwork Fee InterfaceCurrent Token Rate InterfaceAPI Deposit Order Information InterfaceAsset Balance InterfaceCheck the Validity of Cwallet ID


Merchant Acquiring (C2B) - Payment by Address or QR Code

In this scenario, users are able to make payments by sending crypto to destination address or scanning QR codes provided by CCPayment and shown by merchants.

  1. Merchants cooperate with CCPayment to get different address and QR Codes for different products. Merchants display address and QR Codes for users to scan.

  2. Users open their crypto wallet to make payment. It is also possible to pay using Cwallet without incurring any network fees and service fees.

  3. After the user completes the payment through CCPayment, the merchant is notified of the user's payment status.

  4. CCPayment will notify merchants the status of payments from users.

To enable the notification, you need to complete the configuration of Webhook URL

According to your business needs, you can choose different types of checkout process:

  • Native checkout on your website/application:

Manage 100% of your front-end interactions and use our APIs to build your own checkout page.

The entire process of entering your website, selecting the product, and making the final payment will be completed on your website.

  • Hosted checkout page:

Merchant integrates API to simplify the integration by utilizing CCPayment's hosted checkout page.

It will redirect your customers to a CCPayment hosted checkout page that adapts dynamically to the device they are using in order to increase conversion.

The customer will pay directly through CCPayment checkout page belongs to merchants, and we will handle the wallet connection and payment processing for them. Alternatively, the user may scan a QR code, sending crypto to destination address or connect their wallet to make the payment.

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