Top 5 Strategies To Promote Bitcoin Payments On Your E-Commerce Website

In this article, we'll discuss 5 working strategies for promoting Bitcoin payments such that your new and existing customers are incentivized to try it out, providing you with a unique advantage to grow your business!

Top 5 Strategies To Promote Bitcoin Payments On Your E-Commerce Website

If you have recently started accepting Bitcoin payments on our website, then it is a good idea to spread the word, encourage your existing customers, and also use it as an avenue to draw in new customers who are willing to make Bitcoin payments.

These promos can also be used to drive sales and higher levels of shopping activity, bringing in more revenue for you, keeping the shoppers happy, and making the most of your Bitcoin payment button.

In this article, we'll discuss 5 working strategies for promoting Bitcoin payments such that your new and existing customers are incentivized to try it out, providing you with a unique advantage to grow your business!

Strategy 1: Inform Your Existing and Prospective Customers of the New Development via Email

Regularly communicating with your audience via email is a good strategy for E-commerce businesses, regardless of whether you have a special product to promote or not. Steady communication keeps you acquainted with them and reminds them of what they can get on your website, making them more likely to purchase from you and not your competitors.

You can also inform your existing and prospective customers about the benefits of Bitcoin payments, let them know how it works, and encourage them to use it. To make your email campaign more effective, you should segment your list of recipients; existing customers should get and prospects who have probably abandoned carts should get different emails.

Also, amid the campaign, ensure to segment users who have already tried making Bitcoin payments from those who haven’t tried at all.

For all segments, ensure to use eye-catching subject lines. For example, “Pick Up Your Abandoned Cart! Pay with Bitcoin and Enjoy Up to 20% Off” will instantly attract prospects who have an abandoned cart. By personalizing your emails in this way, you can increase the likelihood that your customers will read them and take action.

Lastly, ensure that your email sequence contains clear and concise emails that highlight clear benefits and engage the audience. Also, include a clear Call-To-Action (CTA) button that takes them directly to your website.

Strategy 2: Display a Bitcoin Button on Your Website

Designing an effective Bitcoin payment button is a creative way of promoting your new payment method on your website without saying much. It could be an image on the home page and checkout page that simply says “Bitcoin Accepted Here.”

Strategies To Promote Bitcoin Payments On Your E-Commerce Website

If you choose to do this, make sure the button is eye-catching and easy to spot on your website; also, use a bold, contrasting color that stands out, yet complements your website's background.

Second, include clear and concise text on the button, such as "Pay with Bitcoin" or "Bitcoin Accepted Here." This text should be large enough to read easily, even on smaller screens. Finally, make sure the button is clickable and takes customers to a page where they can complete their Bitcoin payment.

Strategy 3: Use Pop-Ups To Inform Website Visitors That You Now Accept Bitcoin

Using pop-ups is also a great way to grab your visitors’ attention and inform them that you now accept Bitcoin. Although pop-ups are very effective in passing a message, it is important that they are correctly applied; otherwise, they could turn off your visitors, causing them to leave your website abruptly.

To create effective pop-ups, make sure they are visually appealing and contain clear and concise messaging that informs visitors of your new payment option. Use language that is engaging and persuasive, and highlight clear benefits that they can see at a glance, which could include discounts or promo offers.

Non-intrusive bottom-corner pop-up: Also, ensure that your pop-up isn’t intrusive enough to cover vital information, which could be annoying; use them sparingly, and ensure that they are easy to dismiss. Instead of covering the entire page, allow the pop-up to blink at one side, drawing their attention without coming off as intrusive.

Finally, ensure that your pop-up is clickable with a clear CTA that encourages visitors to take action.

Strategy 4: Write Blog Posts To Educate Users About The Benefits of Cryptocurrency Payments

As mentioned earlier, regular communication is an important prerequisite for brand promotions. So, if you have an existing blog, it is a good channel to educate your audience about the benefits of using cryptocurrency payments. This works as both an informational and promotional tool for your audience.

Ensure that your blog posts are in simple language so that conversational speakers can understand them; also, use visual aids and infographics where necessary. These could also break up the article and make it less chunky and easily digestible.

Lastly, ensure that your blog posts are user-centric; focus more on where your audience's interests align. Use the necessary keywords, and follow SEO best practices, to ensure that your posts are easily visible to your ideal readers, which will increase your chances of being found by new customers.

Strategy 5: Offer Discounts or Incentives For Items Purchased with Bitcoin

Discounts, incentives, and promo offers are great ways to promote your new payment method, and this can be applied using other strategies listed above. You could include these offers within your emails to drive conversion, allow it to come up as a pop-up during online shopping, and also within blog posts. All of these encourage customers to try out your new payment option and make a purchase.

You can also talk about your promotions on your social media pages, and use external marketing if you have a large budget.

The most important thing is to ensure that your chosen incentive is valuable enough to grab your customers' attention. Discounts, free shipping, and free gifts are great ways to incentivize customers to make purchases using Bitcoin or other new payment methods.


Promoting your new payment method is a smart move that can fetch you new customers, convert skeptical prospects, and reignite your relationship with your existing customers, thereby increasing your sales and revenue.

You can combine all five strategies listed above or just select a few; however you choose to go, they are all proven and guaranteed to boost your e-commerce business.

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