How to Resolve Payment Redirection Using a Crypto Payment Gateway

Redirecting consumers to another page to complete their purchase is one process to lose customers faster during checkout. Customers who experience payment redirection have the option of not finishing their transaction and never returning to your website.

How to Resolve Payment Redirection Using a Crypto Payment Gateway

Redirecting consumers to another page to complete their purchase is one process to lose customers faster during checkout. Customers who experience payment redirection have the option of not finishing their transaction and never returning to your website.

Understanding the complexity of ecommerce payments can be difficult at times, especially regarding payment redirection, which is one of the most common challenges ecommerce businesses face during checkout.

Cryptocurrency has gained significance in the ecommerce industry and has changed online transactions, making it the go-to payment alternative for numerous businesses. However, many businesses struggle to manage and handle the difficult payment redirection customers encounter during checkout, causing them to lose customers and sales.

While taking cryptocurrencies offers various advantages, it can be frustrating when your payment gateway leads customers away from your website to complete their payments. Fortunately, with the proper knowledge and tools, notably the usage of the right crypto payment gateway, these issues may be avoided.

This guide will walk you through the steps and considerations necessary to effectively tackle and resolve payment redirection issues using a crypto payment gateway.

What is a Payment Redirection?

Payment redirection occurs when an e-commerce business uses a non-hosted payment gateway that directs customers to another website or portal to complete the transaction. Payment redirection typically occurs when an ecommerce website uses the services of a third-party payment service that processes payments on the business's behalf.

While there are certain benefits to referring customers to a third-party payment platform to finish their transaction, there are also some drawbacks. Payment redirection adds too many unnecessary steps to the buyer's journey, which can confuse and frustrate customers, resulting in abandoned carts and ignored payments.

How Payment Redirection Affects Your Business

Payment redirection can have a detrimental impact on your business. First and foremost, it leads to financial losses. When funds meant for your business end up in the wrong hands, you lose out on revenue. This can strain your financial health, especially if large amounts are involved or if such incidents recur.

Also, payment redirection erodes customer trust. When customers make payments, they expect security and accuracy. If they learn that their payments are being misdirected, they may lose confidence in your business's ability to handle transactions safely. This can lead to reduced sales as customers might choose competitors they deem more secure.

Payment redirection gives your business limited control over the checkout process, leaving the final stages of your customer's journey in the hands of the payment provider, which may experience service interruptions or other technical issues, affecting the business's capacity to process payments and potentially leading to lost sales.

How to Resolve Payment Redirection Using a Crypto Payment Gateway

Crypto payment gateway are crucial in ecommerce because they allow for secure and convenient transactions. However, to completely resolve and eliminate payment redirection, you must choose the right payment gateway.

One category of crypto payment gateway that ensures consumers complete their purchase while staying on your website without redirecting to a third-party payment gateway is the self-hosted crypto payment gateway.

A self or non-hosted payment gateway is a service that allows you to integrate a customized payment process into your website or app. Self-hosted gateways provide a smooth payment experience within your platform, unlike hosted gateways, which redirect customers to an external payment page. This integration provides a consistent customer journey while maintaining your business's branding and design elements.

Why Should You Consider a Self-Hosted Crypto Gateway?

Fully Control of Customer Payment Experience

The first reason to consider a self-hosted checkout page is the unequaled control over the customer experience it provides. You may fine-tune each piece to align with your brand, resonate with your products, and adapt to your customers' tastes by using a self-hosted page. Everything from the design style to the payment methods can be customized to ensure a pleasant, easy, and joyful purchasing experience without redirecting to a third-party payment gateway.

Increased Trust and Security

In our current digital-centric world, customers are becoming concerned about the security of their personal data and financial information. When customers' payments are done on your website and not redirected to another payment page, customers feel safe and remain on your page to complete their purchases. By hosting your checkout page, you can implement strong security measures and communicate them directly to your customers, fostering trust.

Greater Flexibility and Scalability

As your business grows, a self-hosted checkout page gives you more flexibility and scalability. You can offer more currency options for customers to choose from with a self-hosted payment gateway. In the continually changing e-commerce industry, this agility can be a considerable advantage.

The Best Self-Hosted Payment Gateway to Resolve Payment Redirection

While there are various self-hosted checkout solutions available, one that stands out is CCPayment. This innovative platform is designed to embrace the future of payments by allowing merchants to pay and receive cryptocurrency payments globally. CCPayment provides a distinct checkout process tailored to your business requirements without writing a single line of code.

You manage 100% of your front-end interactions with CCPayment native checkout on your website by building your payment page using CCPayment's APIs. This solution ensures that customers enjoy the same experience whenever they visit your website without being redirected to a third-party payment page. From the moment they enter your website, select a product, and make the final payment, everything is completed on your website. This uniformity can improve the user experience and boost the image of your brand.

The payment procedure is quite straightforward. Customers will make their payments immediately through your business's CCPayment checkout page. CCPayment handles wallet connection and payment processing. Customers can also complete their payment by scanning a QR code or linking their wallet, boosting the process's versatility and accessibility for a diverse user base.

So, if you want complete control over your business's checkout process without experiencing payment redirection, CCPayment's dynamic and secure platform for a self-hosted checkout page is the solution.

Start your journey with CCPayment today to take control of your payment process and avoid irritating payment redirection.