Easy Guide to Start Accepting Crypto Payments For Your Business

Tools and payment gateways have simplified the process of accepting crypto payments. We want you to know the benefits of accepting crypto payments for your business and will walk you through the steps. Let’s get into it!

Easy Guide to Start Accepting Crypto Payments For Your Business

The digital world of cryptocurrency is ever-dynamic and ever-changing. Cryptocurrencies have particularly changed the way finance and financial transactions are perceived. One of the strategies business owners, both large and small, have been employing to adapt to this fast-changing world is crypto payments.

Tools and payment gateways have simplified the process of accepting crypto payments. Yes, it’s as simple as registering on a user-friendly and beginner-friendly platform and following easy steps. If you don’t want to be left behind and you’re seeking ways to harness the potential of accepting crypto payments from your customers/clients, then you are in the right place.

We want you to know the benefits of incorporating crypto payments into your business and will walk you through the steps. Let’s get into it!

How To Easily Accept Crypto Payments For Your Business

Accepting cryptocurrency as E-commerce payments may sound like a big deal, but in reality, it’s quite easy to do, and even as a small business owner, you can execute it in a few steps as outlined below:

Choose a Payment Gateway

The first thing to do is choose a crypto payment gateway service. These gateways serve as a bridge that connects E-commerce merchants and customers for easy payments.

Hence, with a hosted gateway like CCPayment, your customers can be linked to a payment page, where they scan a QR code or wallet address, pay the cryptocurrency equivalent of their total cost, and as soon as it gets verified on the blockchain, the system notifies you so you can process the order. As a result, you can seamlessly accept borderless payments from all countries within minutes without worrying about large transaction fees.

With additional benefits like immutability and transparency in transaction records, crypto payment gateways help you eliminate the hassles associated with traditional financial institutions.

Set Up Your Payment Gateway

Regardless of the payment gateway you choose, you’ll need to take some time to set it up. For CCPayment, all you need to do is create an account and log in with your new information.

Then, from your account, you can easily configure a payment API that helps you create a crypto checkout button for your E-commerce store. After this, you can set up your merchant preferences, including the cryptocurrencies you intend to receive.

Currently, there are over 20,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, all of which are backed by blockchain technology. However, it is best to use cryptocurrencies and blockchains that are proven to be reliable and have reasonable activity levels.

As a result, CCPayment allows you to accept 45+ of the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, USDT, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and others that are easy to process and also easily recognizable by customers.

You can choose all available cryptocurrencies or select your preferred ones from the lot.

Promote Cryptocurrency Payments To Customers

After creating a crypto payment button, it is important to spread the word and let your customers know that there’s an easier, safer, and more secure way they can pay for purchases. Not many of your customers would be able to easily accept this change. Hence the need to properly educate them about how it works and assure them that it is safe and secure.

To make the transition easier and encourage unwilling customers, you can give incentives and discounts to customers who use crypto payments. You can also educate your customers on how crypto can help grow your business and make payment and receiving payments easier.

Also, by promoting your crypto payment button, you can attract new, tech-savvy customers who would purchase from you just because they’d love to pay with Bitcoin.

Why Should You Choose CCPayment To Accept Crypto Payments?

When you register on CCPayment and choose this payment gateway to process all crypto payments for your business, you have signed up for the most seamless and cost-effective way to accept crypto payments.

Why? You may ask. Let’s show you!

CCpayment is a payment gateway that can process over 45 different cryptocurrencies in one single checkout page. Additionally, it provides a contactless, seamless, and secure checkout experience.

So, we no longer need an employee to confirm every payment before the customer can checkout. All of that is automated and done quickly with CCpayment. There is a unique unified payment API that can be easily integrated with any website or e-commerce platform. So whether you own a Shopify store or a website that requires payment for your services, CCpayment is here to attend to your crypto payment needs.

In its bid to ensure that cryptocurrency is globally adopted as a mainstream digital payment method, CCPayment provides a secure payment gateway that protects businesses from spammy and fraudulent transactions. It also offers low-cost services that are cheaper than traditional payment options.

Some of the benefits of using CCPayment are listed below;

  • Security through advanced data encryption
  • 0.03% service fees on API payments
  • Asset overview and management
  • Easy integration with existing platforms
  • Multiple crypto choices and support in over 80 countries.


We have sufficiently explored the easy steps to set up your crypto payment gateway. We suppose that by now, setting up your payment gateway should no longer be as daunting. By following the steps above, you can put your business on the path to popularity and global reach

Without a doubt, incorporating it into your business can bring tremendous benefits and opportunities. You can stay ahead of the competition with this innovative step. Embrace change and get started!

Remember to register with CCpayment to get started!